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Industrial & Organizational Psychology Doctorate DIOP - Online: Get Help


If you feel like:

  • Everyone else is further along!
  • I'm starting over or moving backwards 
  • I have no idea how to start

Then, you're feeling like everyone else at dissertation time!

Kuhlthau's Information Search Process. Caraveo

Poster of Kuhlthau's Information Search Process: Art by Katelyn Caraveo in collaboration with Frances Brady. Produced by Adler University.

Rutgers School of Communication and Information. (2020). Carol Kuhlthau: Information Search Process.

Ask the Online Campus Librarian

Email your Online Campus Librarian, Dorinne, for assistance with basic questions like "How can I get a copy of article x?"

Make an appointment to virtually meet on Zoom with Dorinne for help with:

  • Topic: Choosing or refining your research idea
  • Research:  Locating articles on a topic using the library's databases
  • Citations: Managing your sources

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