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COUN540_Group Counseling: Use PsycINFO

PsycINFO links

Helpful subject headings

Your first search terms will describe your group's characteristics. Here are a few more subject headings to consider:

  • Stigma
  • Group counseling
  • Client characteristics
  • Treatment effectiveness evaluation
  • Program evaluation
  • Teams
  • Group identity
  • Group characteristics
  • Group dynamics

Some sport and health specific subject headings could include

  • Sport pscyhology
  • Sports (and/or the narrower terms of specific sports, and/or Athletes)
  • Athletic performance

Searching in PsycINFO

Search each facet or part of your topic separately. Use the thesaurus to find subject headings for your topic. If we search for African Americans, we find this screen:

We have the option of searching "African Americans" as a keyword, which is anywhere those words appear exactly like that in the document.

Or we can search "Blacks" as a subject heading. Subject headings search by concept, rather than word, so it will pull articles that use the term "black" and articles that use the term "African American".

Click on the hyperlinked text to go deeper into the thesaurus, to see broader, narrower, and related terms.

After you have your first search, add another characteristic of your group. For example, we could search for LGBT, which will give us subject headings such as bisexuality, transgender, and homosexuality.

Once you have at least two search sets, you can combine them with "and"/"or".

  • "And" means an article must cover both terms. This makes your results smaller.
  • "Or" means you'll retrieve articles that cover either term. This increases the number of results.

For more information on the concepts of subject headings and combining terms, see the Research Process Library Guide:

Useful limits

The blue box of initial limits includes most of the limits you'll need:

  • Peer reviewed journal
  • English language
  • Last 10 years

If your topic is still very broad, use "literature review" (0800 under Methodology) to see what the field has covered on this topic. Scanning literature reviews can help you get up to speed on a topic you aren't familiar with, or just help you think of ways to narrow your topic.

  • Note: use literature reviews to find articles to use for your paper. Do not gossip or plagiarize by failing to read the original articles!

Click Additional Limits to find more options.