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COUN540_Group Counseling: Use EBSCOhost

EBSCOhost databases

Adler library subscribes to several databases in the EBSCO interface. Below are several that might be useful for this class:

Find your previous searches

Click "Search History" to view your recent searches in order to combine previous searches. This will only work within one sitting. This does not show past searches from days/weeks/months ago unless you have saved them.

Click Search History under the search boxes

Subject headings

Just like PsycINFO, EBSCOhost uses subject headings. To use them, go to the thesaurus, which is located in the upper left of every EBSCOhost database. In SocINDEX, it's called "Subject Terms".

Click Relevancy Ranked & use the browse box to search in the thesaurus:

Thesaurus in EBSCO

Click on the hyperlinks to find related terms, and check the boxes to add them to your search.

Then, click "Search" at the top.

Find literature reviews

There's no "literature review" limit in EBSCOhost.

Instead, search for "literature N3 review". This finds articles that use the terms "literature" and "review" within 3 words of each other. Thus, you'll find "review of the literature" and you'll find "literature review". But you don't find articles that happen to mention literature in one paragraph and mention review in another paragraph.