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COUN540_Group Counseling: Choose a topic - choose databases

Your topic

Break down the topic into different aspects. Which ones require research?

Start with theory to support your activity or experiential exercise.

  • Use your textbook to find names of theories
  • Find books on these theories through the library catalog
  • Find articles in PsycINFO
    • Search for specific theories
    • Combine "group counseling" and "psychological theories"
    • Combine your particular group or exercise and "psychological theories"

Next, consider the group attributes:

  • Who? (demographics: age, gender, ethnicity)
  • Why? (what common reason are they seeing treatment?)

Choose a database

Each database has a different focus. Choose 1 aspect of your research to start and determine which database would be best for that aspect:

Psychology (group dynamics, group counseling, sport psychology)

Sociology (group identity, sports)

Specific groups (age, gender, reason for group)


This guide was created by Frances Brady for Adler University.