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VAN660_Humanistic/Existential Approaches to Intervention: Finding Research

Finding the evidence

Certain types of studies will help you uncover the evidence base for an intervention.

Use limits in PsycINFO to find clinical trials, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses.

You can find these limits with the "Additional Limits" button. After clicking the button, look for the box labelled "Methodology."

Search PsycINFO

Using subject headings in PsycINFO

Search with subject headings to:

  • Quickly find most of the available information on your topic
    • You won't have to think of alternate ways an author might spell or express the same idea. For example, searching for the subject term "Client Centered Therapy" will also retrieve articles on person-centered therapy, person-centered counseling, etc.
  • Filter out articles that use your key terms, but may not really be about the topic

PsycINFO searches with subject headings by default. Simply type in a single concept at a time, and PsycINFO will suggest relevant subject headings.

The following subject terms will help you find articles relevant to humanistic/existential psychotherapy:

Existential Therapy
Humanistic Psychology
Humanistic Psychotherapy
Emotion Focused Therapy
Gestalt Therapy
Client Centered Therapy
Positive Psychology
Rogers (Carl)

​When (and how) to use keywords

In most cases, subject headings will generate the most precise, relevant search. However, in some cases, you will also use keywords.

  • To make your search broader. If subject headings aren't finding what you need, you might also search for relevant keywords.
  • If there is no subject heading for your search. If you are searching for a very specific concept and don't see it in the list of subject headings, you can search for keywords instead.

To use keywords in PsycINFO

Untick the box that says "Map Term to Subject Heading" underneath the search bar.

For more resources on how to use PsycINFO, go to the PsycINFO Subject Guide.