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Services offered by the Harold and Birdie Mosak Library

Contact Us

Harold & Birdie Mosak Library- Chicago
17 North Dearborn, 15th floor
Chicago, IL 60602
Phone: 312-662-4230
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Adler University Library-Global Campus
Phone: 312-662-4230
Library Email, add Global Campus or GC in subject line

Adler University Library- Vancouver
1090 West Georgia, 7th floor
Vancouver, BC V6E 3V7
Phone: 604-699-3577

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Interlibrary Loan privileges for alumni

Alumni are able to access Adler's electronic journal databases from any computer on campus.  While alumni are not able to access the full-text journals off campus, they do have the ability to request articles from the Adler Library's databases through the Adler Library from any library in the world.  Google Scholar is also a helpful website, it is a search engine for scholarly materials, some of which is freely available to the public.  If an alumnus locates an article through Google Scholar that is not available, they can simply email with the full citation to request the article via ILL free of charge.

What if I lose my syllabi?

In order to apply for licensure, students must retain copies of their syllabi.

If you do not have a copy of your syllabi, you can check with the library. We do have copies of some past syllabi. Due to the difficulty in processing syllabi requests, and as students are required to keep their syllabi, we do charge per syllabus, depending on the year of the course.

From 1991 to present, cost per syllabus is $5
Prior to 1991, cost per syllabus is $10

We will first check to ensure that we have the syllabus for the correct year, semester, and professor and then communicate to you the total cost. Once we receive your payment, we will email the syllabus to you within 1 week.

Please make checks out to:
Harold & Birdie Mosak Library

Mailing address:
Harold & Birdie Mosak Library
17 N. Dearborn, 15th floor
Chicago, IL 60602

Borrowing materials

Alumni are able to visit the Chicago Harold and Birdie Mosak Library to borrow books from our main collection with a loan period of 12 weeks.