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Catalog: Permalinks

E-book permalinks

Permalinks are stable urls that must be used instead of  the urls that appear in your browser window to link students to Adler e-books.

Use permalinks to e-books or to a chapter in an e-book instead of the link to the record for the book in Adler's catalog.  Always link to a specific chapter in a course plan module.

The boxes below show you where to find the permalinks for Ebrary and PsycBOOK e-books and chapters, this covers most of our e-book collection.  For permalinks to other e-books, email the library at

Proquest e-book central


PsycBOOKS e-books

Permalink for an entire PsycBOOKS/OVID e-book:

  1. In the catalog record, scroll down to "Links"
  2. Right-click on the "Available via PsycBOOKS link"
  3. Copy link address 

Example permalink:

Proquest e-book central chapters

PsycBOOK e-book chapters

Permalink for a PsycBOOK e-book chapter

Step 1: Click on the PDF for desired chapter

Step 2:Copy and paste the jumpstart url in the upper left corner of the PDF.