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Literature Review Guide

Overview of the iterative steps involved in using library databases to search & review the scholarly literature

Here are a Few Examples of Literature Reviews

All scholarly journal articles include a review of the literature, usually after the introduction paragraph.
Take a look at this example journal article: 

MacKinnon, C. J., Smith, N. G., Henry, M., Milman, E., Berish, M., Farrace, A., Körner, A., Chochinov, H. M., & Cohen, S. R. (2016). A Pilot Study of Meaning-Based Group Counseling for Bereavement. Omega: Journal of Death & Dying, 72(3), 210–233. 

Sometimes, a literature review can be a stand-alone work (tip: the title may contain the phrase, literature review)
Take a look at this literature review journal article: 

Dalechek, D. E., Caes, L., McIntosh, G., & Whittaker, A. C. (2024). Anxiety, history of childhood adversity, and experiencing chronic pain in adulthood: A systematic literature review and meta‐analysis. European Journal of Pain. 

All dissertations include a review of the literature in the chapter 2.
Take a look at this example dissertation:

Shah, F. A. (2023). Promotions and Rewards: Perceptions of Minority Women in Corporate America (Order No. 30530620). Available from Dissertations & Theses @ Adler University. (2839630623).