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Inclusive, Socially Just Teaching: Home

Find resources to guide your approach to classroom approaches






Use this resource to acquire and strengthen your inclusive and equitable teaching approaches. While open to all, it is intended for all those who teach, mentor, and guide students in their journey to becoming socially responsible practitioners. 

An inclusive, socially just educator is one who sees student diversity as an asset to learning. They design and deliver educational experiences that foster talent in all students - especially those who are historically and continuously marginalized in higher education; they actively work to dismantle oppressive structures and systems; and they facilitate the development of students' social justice knowledge, abilities, and attitudes.

There are several paths to equitable, inclusive, and socially just teaching. Explore, adopt, adapt, and reflect to get started. 

Teaching Resources


Learn more about inclusive, socially just teaching and some of the practices that are a part of it.

Workshops and Opportunities


Find information on upcoming workshops, trainings and learning opportunities.

Consultations and Partners


 Schedule a conversation with Cheryl R. Richardson or Christena Gunther of Disability Services.

Online Teaching & Training.