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Inclusive, Socially Just Teaching: Mid-Term Feedback

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What is Mid-Term Course Feedback?

Mid-term feedback lets faculty and instructors check on how various aspects of a course are facilitating learning. By surveying students, instructors and students can gain practical insights about what is working as well as recommendations for improving learning and teaching.

Gather feedback to:

  • make sure your intentions are have their intended impact 
  • check students' shifting levels of stress and engagement as the term continues
  • support and enhance student learning and engagement in the course
  • improve your teaching
  • demonstrate your care and commitment to students' success
  • avoid surprises in your end-of-semester course evaluations



Distribute a version of the form below and collect anonymous responses. Share a summary of students' responses and your plans within one week. 

Mid-Term Form

Mid-Term Course Feedback

1. What has been most helpful for your learning in this class so far? (e.g., Describe the time(s) in this class when you were most engaged.)


2. What has caused the most difficulty or challenge in learning in this class so far? (e.g., Describe activities, content, policies, etc. that have made learning difficult for you.)


3. What suggestion(s) can you make that would enhance your learning experience in this class? (e.g., What should we start doing to help you learn?)