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Assessment - Tests, Measures, and Kits: About

Learn how to find: measures on a given topic; a particular assessment; reliability and validity studies, and what test kits are available through the Library.

About this Library Guide

Use this guide to learn:

  • Determine difference between commercial and non-commercial tests
  • Find reviews (such as validity & reliability information) of tests or measures
  • Find measures based on a given topic
  • Find the full text of measures
  • Gain permissions to administer tests

Commercial tests

Commercial tests are distributed through a commercial publisher. You will not be able to find these by searching in the library databases or catalog. Please check with your department if you are looking for access to these tests. Examples of these include:

  • WISC
  • WAIS
  • WRAT

You can find reviews of commercial tests through the library database: Mental Measurements and Tests in Print. For more information, select the drop down from the tab above "Find Reviews of Tests", and select Mental Measurements Year book. Or, watch the video about this database on the tab Videos for Chicago Students.

Non-commerical tests

Non-commercial tests can be found through other avenues, such as in journal articles. You can find reviews of non-commercial measures through the library database PsycTESTS, and sometimes in PsycINFO. You might also find full text of the measure in these databases, or in the appendices of dissertations.

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This guide was created by Frances Brady for Adler University.