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Assessment - Tests, Measures, and Kits: Permission to Administer

Learn how to find: measures on a given topic; a particular assessment; reliability and validity studies, and what test kits are available through the Library.

Contacting the author of a test/measure

Yes, you can contact the author!


  • If permissions aren't listed in APA PsycTests
  • If you can't find the full test or how to administer it
  • If you know the permissions are ok to administer the test, it is still polite to let someone know you want to use their research
  • Network! If you are interested in their measure, chances are, you might be interested in their research in general, and they might be interested in learning about your research


  • The first author's email is typically listed under "Complete reference" in Ovid databases (APA PsycInfo, APA PsycTests)
  • If you can't find the author's email, contact the library
  • Briefly tell the author a bit about yourself (you are a student at Adler in X program and are writing a dissertation on X topic) and why you are interested in their measure.
  • Be respectful: remember that they do not work for you nor do they owe you something. Typically, authors are excited that someone is interested in their work, and they are interested in helping students new to the field.

Find Full Text & Permissions to Administer

Watch this video to learn how to find full text of non-commercial tests. It will also briefly cover how to determine if you can administer the measure & what permissions you will need to obtain to do so (starts at 5:37).