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Assessment - Tests, Measures, and Kits: Full Text of Measures

Learn how to find: measures on a given topic; a particular assessment; reliability and validity studies, and what test kits are available through the Library.

Full text of freely available measures

Searching for full text of non-commercial measures is challenging! 


  1. Use a search engine
  2. Search APA PsycTests
  3. Search Dissertations & Theses database
  4. Contact the author

*Note: If you want to administer the measure, you still need to determine the permissions. See the tab in this Guide for "Permissions for Administering" for more information.

1 - Use a search engine

If you are looking for a particular assessment, a Google or other search engine can help you determine if the measure is:

  • Spelled correctly
  • Commercially available through a company, such as Pearson Assessments
    • If so, check with the Chicago Assessment Center or the Vancouver Assessment Library
  • Freely available online by permission of the author
    • If so, be sure to check the permissions.

2 - Search PsycTESTS

If the assessment is neither commercially available nor freely available, search by title in APA PsycTests. If there's full text, you'll see a link for Ovid Database PDF

Image of: Example of finding Ovid Database PDFs link on righthand side.

**NOTE: If the article is not available in APA PsycTests, please do not click request document. 

We do not request measures from other libraries via ILLiad.

Instead, your next step can be to find the source in which the measure was first published. You can find the "Source Citation" at the bottom of each record.

Image of: Citation with Bibliographic Links link for more information.

3 - Search Dissertations & Theses database

If a dissertation cites a measure, it will usually be included in an appendix. Search for the measure using quotes, to find dissertations which cited it. Then scan through the appendices to see if the full measure is included. The body of the dissertation may also explain how to score the measure.

**Note: If you want to administer the measure, you still need to determine the permissions. See the tab in this Guide for "Permissions for Administering" for more information.

4 - Contact the author

If you have not found the full text after trying steps 1-3, you might need to contact the author. 


  • The first author's email is typically listed under "Complete reference" in Ovid databases (PsycINFO, PsycTESTS)
  • If you can't find the author's email, contact the library
  • Briefly tell the author a bit about yourself (you are a student at Adler in X program, and are writing a dissertation on X topic) and why you are interested in their measure.
  • Be respectful & brief: remember that they do not work for you nor do they owe you something. Typically, authors are excited that someone is interested in their work, and they are interested in helping students new to the field.

APA PsycTests tutorials

Video plays best in Firefox.

The video above contains 13 chapters of videos on using PsycTests. Play the video and click the fast forward button to skip through the following chapters:

  • Welcome
  • APA PsycTests Database
  • APA PsycTests Searching
  • What do these records contain?
  • Database Structure
  • APA PsycTests Fields
  • APA PsycTests Limits
  • APA PsycTests Video
  • What are these tests about?
  • Sources for APA PsycTests
  • Access to tests and associated materials (Part 1 & 2)
  • Conclusion