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The Writing Center: Brainfuse


Brainfuse tutors provide live, on-demand 24/7 support with academic writing; résumés, CVs, and cover letters; and statistics, no appointment necessary. You can also submit your written work to the Brainfuse Writing Lab for an email response within 24 hours. However, each Writing Lab submission will only be reviewed for 30 minutes, so do not submit longer works--use Adler's writing consultants instead.

Get to Brainfuse in Canvas or in Connect.  The Brainfuse Help Guide below has screenshots of account set up and features.

For Brainfuse tech support, email or call 866-272-4638.

Brainfuse Guide and Webinar

Brainfuse Tutors FAQs

Q. Who are the Brainfuse writing tutors?

A.  Brainfuse tutors include a mix of professional tutors, retired instructors, graduate students and college faculty members. Only tutors with proven backgrounds in tutoring/teaching in their respective fields are hired by Brainfuse. Over 80% of tutors have a Master’s degree or a Ph.D. in their field.

Q. Can I work with the same tutor every time I use Brainfuse?

A. If you would like to work with a particular Brainfuse tutor, you can request that tutor in the comment box when submitting to the Writing Lab, although it may then take longer to get your work back.  You can also request a specific tutor in the live tutoring option and if they are available, you will be transferred to them.

Access Brainfuse in Canvas

Every Canvas page has a link to Brainfuse on the left side of the page. Click to launch or log in to your Brainfuse account.

Access Brainfuse in Connect

You can also get to Brainfuse from Connect.  You'll find it alphabetically under Academic Life.