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The Writing Center: Recordings, Past Workshops


Recordings, slides, and handouts from past workshops are available here.

APA 7: Formatting Your Paper

APA 7: Formatting Your Paperrecording available here.

This interactive workshop will cover basic approaches to writing in APA 7. We will cover: title page; header; headings; in-text citations; reference pages; limited grammar and writing style. We will leave significant time at the end of the session for a practical Q and A.  Participants are encouraged to bring APA questions or problems to troubleshoot.

Managing Writing Anxiety

Managing Writing Anxiety. This workshop is not recorded, handout below.

Writing is difficult for many of us.  Even the most intelligent, practiced, and gifted writers struggle with fear, anger, fatigue, and despair in the face of the blank page and the stubborn sentence.  This open workshop will provide a welcoming space for writers of all levels to process and develop personal strategies for overcoming the difficult, sometimes painful aspects of the writing process.  By identifying assets such as solidarity with others, self-compassion, and resilience, we can help each other progress.  Though explicitly focused on anxiety, all writing struggles are welcome.

Survey Building: An Introduction to Qualtrics

APA 7: Writing Your Research

APA 7: Writing Your Research. Recording available here.

Though APA can seem overwhelming, at its core are consistent concepts that aim to create access points for scholars and writers of all levels.  This workshop will cover approaches to understanding APA 7 alongside research and writing practices that will make APA a tool rather than a burden.  Participants should gain access to the APA 7 manual, if at all possible, before attending.  We will cover how APA thinks; examples of APA writing; understanding when and how much to cite; and maintaining your voice and ideas

Strategies for Graduate Writing

Strategies for Graduate Writing, recording available here

Why do we write at the graduate level?  How can writing impact our clinical practice?  This overview of best practices and strategies for writing at Adler will offer participants a series of approaches that can help them in completing their projects and information about the support structures and resources available to them as graduate writers. 

Brainfuse for Students

Brainfuse HelpNow: Student Supports, Workshop recording available here

An introduction to Brainfuse for students. Brainfuse provides on-demand 24/7 academic writing, resume writing, and statistics support from live tutors and a writing lab, for an email response on your writing within 24 hours. 



Brainfuse Faculty Dashboard

Common Language Errors to Avoid in Academic Writing

We all tend to make grammar errors, and that's nothing to be ashamed of! The more we are conscious of them, the more we can avoid them. This workshop is designed to focus on common grammar errors and strategies to avoid them.

Writing a Thesis

Thesis Writing Workshop   Recording

Thesis writing presents a unique opportunity and challenge for students: though not as intensive as a dissertation, the thesis process still requires deep research, a broad understanding of the field, and complex synthesis and organizing skills.  This workshop, targeted specifically at students completing a Master’s thesis on Adler campuses, will address some basic approaches to thesis writing, offer strategies for breaking through common points of difficulty in thesis drafting, and allow significant time for questions and conversation.  Participants are welcome from any stage of the thesis writing process.