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Citation Chasing Research Strategy

How to use Citation Chasing as a key strategy for finding scholarly literature on a topic

Strategies for Finding Scholarly Literature

This guide demonstrates how to use the Citation Chasing strategy in three easy steps.
Use the tabs at the left-side to follow each of the following steps:

Step 1: Follow the Citation Trail Backward

Step 2: Sync Your Google Scholar Settings With Adler Library

Step 3: Follow the Citation Trail Forward

What is Citation Chasing?

Citation chasing is the process of using an article that you have in-hand as a starting point, then tracking down other sources connected to that work.

You can citation chase BACKWARD or FORWARD in time.

  • BACKWARD citation chasing means looking at the sources that the author cited in your article-in-hand.
  • FORWARD citation chasing means looking at sources which cited your article-in-hand---sources published after your starting point.

Why Use Citation Chasing as a Research Strategy?

As you spend more time researching your topic you will start to see some of the same books or articles cited again and again. This is how you start to identify the most influential works and authors in a field of study.

Citation chasing is a process of uncovering a network of scholarly arguments.
It's up to you to learn which ones are most relevant to your own work.

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