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Assessment - Tests, Measures, and Kits: Test Kits-Chicago

Learn how to find: measures on a given topic; a particular assessment; reliability and validity studies, and what test kits are available through the Library.

Psychology Department Assessment Center

The assessment center on the Chicago Campus is in room 15-235.  The Department of Psychology manages these assessments for use by the students in that department.  This unit is not connected with the Library.

For further questions about using kits, please contact

Chicago test kits

The Library does not have access to any kits, but does loan the following test manuals:

  • Manual only of MCMI-III (Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory)
  • Manual only of MBMD (Millon Behavioral Medicine Diagnostic)
  • Manual only of WAIS IV
  • Manual only of PAI, 2nd edition
  • Manual only of CAT-A, CAT-C

The following scoring software is now available on a computer outside Community Hall:

  • CAT-SP
  • Advanced Clinical Solutions (Pearson)
  • NEO Software System