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Assessment - Tests, Measures, and Kits: Measures on a Topic

Learn how to find: measures on a given topic; a particular assessment; reliability and validity studies, and what test kits are available through the Library.


If you have a topic in mind & want to find a measure:

  • Mental Measurements Yearbook
    • Tests which cost money, such as PAI or WAIS
  • APA PsycTests
    • Free tests, such as short questionnaires or surveys
    • Helpful if you want a measure that you might be able to use for your dissertation research
  • APA PsycInfo
    • Find articles that reference measures

APA PsycTests tutorials

Video plays best in Firefox.

The video above contains 13 chapters of videos on using PsycTests. Play the video and click the fast forward button to skip through the following chapters:

  • Welcome
  • APA PsycTests Database
  • APA PsycTests Searching
  • What do these records contain?
  • Database Structure
  • APA PsycTests Fields
  • APA PsycTests Limits
  • APA PsycTests Video
  • What are these tests about?
  • Sources for APA PsycTests
  • Access to tests and associated materials (Part 1 & 2)
  • Conclusion

Links to databases