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Inclusive, Socially Just Teaching: Resources and Guides

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Image of cover of Diversity Learning Outcome Guide

The Diversity Learning Outcomes Guide was developed as a part of Adler University's Diversity Faculty Fellow (DFF) program. This initiative supports the actualization of the University’s social justice mission by providing select faculty members with opportunities to develop and implement strategies and initiatives that improve the success of historically marginalized students, faculty, and staff within Adler University. The program also serves as a professional development and leadership opportunity for the DFF.

The DFF's inaugural fellow, Erica Wade-Ball, developed created the guide in 2022.

"The goal of the DLOG for faculty is to support and enhance the current curriculum by enriching student learning and growth and aligning equity and inclusive teaching practices with Adler University's mission and diversity statements. The DLOG will help empower adult learners to become lifelong learners (Hase & Blaschke, 2016) and agents in their learning (Akyildiz, 2019); educators of this era should be aware of the innovative models or resources to facilitate self-directed learners. Specifically, Patel (2019) claimed that educators should change their teaching ways through ongoing guidance, giving feedback, providing resources, and supporting their students in their own learning experiences. In this way, faculty supports students to be active in their learning, identifying their needs, and recognizing how those needs will be satisfied."  p. 4

"This guide helps faculty and course developers enact Adler University’s social justice mission. It allows faculty and subject matter experts to think deeply about teaching and how to center minoritized experiences and knowledge in teaching and learning spaces toward social justice." p. 9

Please find and download the complete Guide below.

This anti-oppressive and inclusive language guide was initiated and lead by Vancouver campus student, Maitri Gupta. Intended to guide use and promote conversations about how to use language to promote inclusion and social change.

Faculty Orientation Resources (2023)

Communiques (2022)