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Inclusive, Socially Just Teaching: Opportunities 2022-23

Find resources to guide your approach to classroom approaches

Working with colleagues is one of the best ways to explore, develop, and refine teaching approaches. The Center for Diversity and Inclusion and its partners offer various opportunities to learn and discuss approaches, strategies, and skills within the Adler community. Find opportunities below.

Events and Workshops for Faculty



Conversations about Teaching

Monthly sessions designed to engage faculty in conversations about socially just teaching practices. Spring 2023 will focus on Universal Design for Learning, a method for increasing accessibility for all students, especially those with disabilities. These sessions are jointly offered by The Center for Diversity and Inclusion and Disability Services.

In fall 2022, 23% of Chicago students had accommodations, nearing national estimates that 25% of all American adults have some type of disability. While accommodations can help to even the playing field for students with disabilities, they serve as mitigation efforts rather than proactively and holistically considering our teaching approach. By incorporating Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles into our teaching strategies, we remove unnecessary hurdles and develop a flexible learning environment that benefits all students, including those with accommodations and from other marginalized communities. 

Join us for our monthly Lunch & Learn sessions in which we’ll provide a brief overview of UDL and break down one aspect of UDL Learning Guidelines developed by CAST. An Adler faculty member will share some of their approaches in an open dialogue. Come with your success stories or your questions. 


Fall 2023 Theme: Supporting students with disabilities

10-11am PT/ Noon - 1pm CT All sessions

Recordings of each session are available on the Past Events page

January 10 Topic 1: Overview of UDL & Provide Multiple Means of Engagement (the “why” of learning)  
February 14 Topic 2: Overview of UDL & Provide Multiple Means of Representation (the “what” of learning)  
March 14 Topic 3: Overview of UDL & Provide Multiple Means of Action & Expression (the “how” of learning)  
April 11 Topic 4: Gatekeeping & Supporting Students with Disabilities 


Social Justice Pedagogy

Required webinars designed to build knowledge and skills related to social justice pedagogy. All faculty are invited; core faculty are required to attend (or view the recording) and complete a self-assessed quiz.

(Virtual, Recorded)

October 12, 2022

12-1:30pm PT/2-3:30pm CT

Pillars of Social Justice Pedagogy 


January 26, 2023

10-11:30am PT/12-1:30pm CT

Conducting Effective Classroom Conversations about Justice

March 29, 2023

1-2:30pm PT/3-4:30pm CT

Social Justice Curriculum (Instructions and Materials)


For more information, contact Cheryl R. Richardson, Director of Inclusive Teaching Excellence |

Extended Opportunities

Community of Practice

Faculty are invited to join our first Community of Practice (CoP), which will be focused on developing, sharing, and leveraging equity-minded teaching strategies. A CoP is an active, collaborative group that is designed to foster connections and mutual learning. It also provides encouragement and support for each community member who develops a personal project that uses what they have learned to improve a specific course, program, or learning experience.

Six - eight faculty members can participate, and each will receive $200 at the conclusion


    • Promote collegiality, collaboration, and community learning
    • Support the development of innovative, effective, inclusive, socially-just teaching
    • Provide individually relevant professional development in support of career advancement


    • Meet monthly to review presentations, scholarship, data, and discuss equity-minded teaching topics
    • Develop and share an individual project intended to address inequity and improve student learning

Complete this CoP form by September 30, 2022 to express your interest.

Affinity Group

Create or join an existing group of Adler faculty and staff members who share a minoritized social identity and want to improve the experiences of its members through support, advocacy, and celebration.

If you're interested, please complete this form to create a group.

Email to join the Latinx-Hispanic Affinity Group or Disability Awareness & Action Group

Communiques (2022)

Fall 2022 Recordings