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PPA 505 Research Application I: Home

Session learning objectives

Through this guide, learn to:

  • Visualize your topic in order to refine your search  
  • Effectively navigate Library databases using subject headings
  • Critically examine your resources from a social justice lens
  • Organize searches, sources, and concepts to enable greater ease in writing a literature review

Handouts for this Library Guide

Information Literacy

Information Literacy is the ability to "recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information" (American Library Association (ALA), 1989)

ACRL Frames (Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL), 2015)

  • Information Has Value
    • ​​Its value may be wielded by those with power to marginalize certain voices, but may also be leveraged by individuals & organizations to effect change.
    • You are responsible for making deliberate & informed choices about when to comply with & when to contest current legal & socioeconomic practices concerning the value of information.
  • Research as Inquiry 

  • Research is iterative: asking increasingly complex or new questions
  • Manage complex research by breaking complex questions into simple ones

Scholarship as Conversation 

  • Communities of scholars, researchers, or professionals sustained discourse with new insights and discoveries over time
  • A given issue may be characterized by several competing perspectives as part of an ongoing conversation


This guide was created by Frances Brady for Adler University.