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Online Course Design and the Library

Copyright for Online Classes

When choosing resources for an online course that you are designing or teaching, you will need to comply with copyright regulations. 

  • Articles and videos from Adler University Library databases , e-books from the Adler University Library catalog (other than those provided by CARLI), and websites: link to without further copyright considerations
  • Print books owned by Adler: check Copyright Clearance Center, consider Fair Use only if not covered by CCC
  • Print and electronic resources not owned by Adler: Check RightFind Copyright Clearance Center, consider Fair Use only if not covered by CCC

See the boxes below for details and contact the librarian with any questions.

E-Resources Owned by Adler, and Websites: Link to These Without Copyright Concerns

  • Articles and videos from Adler University Library databases may be linked to in Canvas since that use is covered by our agreements with the database vendors.  (Please note, this doesn't apply to articles from Harvard Business Review which may NOT be linked to in Canvas.)
  • E-books and e-book chapters from the Adler University Library catalog may be linked to in Canvas since that use is covered under our agreements with the e-book vendors. (Please note, this doesn't apply to e-books provided by CARLI which may NOT be linked to in Canvas.)
  • You may link to websites, YouTube videos, TED talks, and other material that is freely available online.

Materials Not Owned by Adler Nor Covered by Copyright Clearance Center: Fair Use

Fair Use allows the use of copyright-protected works without permission in some circumstances.

Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act helps determine Fair Use.  Educational uses may be included in Fair Use but there are limits, including on the amount of a work that may be used.

If Adler doesn't own a resource that you want to include, see the information on the Copyright Clearance Center before considering Fair Use.


Print Books Owned by Adler, Print and E-Resources Not Owned by Adler: Check Copyright Clearance Center

Copyright Clearance Center's RightFind Academic:

Adler University has an Annual Academic License with Copyright Clearance Center's RightFind that provides us with usage rights for some books and periodicals. 

  • Search RightFind Academic to determine usage rights for materials we don't own or for print books at Adler. This includes articles received through interlibrary loan.
  • RightFind Academic may also cover the creation of PDFs of website articles for some publications.
  • To search for a title use the search box at RightFind Academic. If you are off-campus, you will be prompted to login with your Adler username and password.

This includes:

  • Books and articles received through interlibrary loan
  • Personal copies of materials owned by Adler staff or faculty that are not also owned by Adler University Library
  • Print books owned by Adler University Library that will be scanned and used in an online course

You can search for publications in several different ways:

  1. Enter the Publication Title or Standard Number (ISBN/ISSN) of the publication you wish to use.
  2. Search for key words to surface results related to your topic of choice.
  3. Use the advanced search functionality to peruse titles by author, publisher, and more.

When you search for a title, Annual Copyright License coverage is shown to the right of the search results:

This means the type of use selected is covered under our Annual Copyright License.

Clicking on View more uses will open a page with further explanation about those types of uses.


This means the type of use selected includes special terms from the copyright holder.  To view the special terms associated with the publication, simply click the "TERMS" link.


This means the type of use selected in not covered under our Annual Copyright License.


Additional Search Tips:

  • Searching by Standard Number (ISBN/ISSN) is the easiest way to get an exact match for the publication you are looking for.
  • Searches are not case sensitive.
  • To see a complete list of search tips click on the Search Tips link below the search bar on RightFind Academic.