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Efficiently Searching for Scholarly Articles

STEP 1: Problem of Practice

A good research topic begins as a problem of practice (PoP) or research problem that you identify which is of specific interest to YOU.
Next, jot down a few researchable questions about the topic--concept mapping is an ideal tool to use for this.
See an example in the box below.

Step 1: Begin with a Problem of Practice, or PoP, and brainstorm concepts related to the problem

Concept Mapping Your Topic

POINTING FINGERTIP: BEFORE you begin searching in library databases, it is very helpful to take a few minutes to jot down the unique concepts that are related to your research topic. 
A Concept Map is a visual way to organize your thoughts, make connections between ideas, and narrow the scope or focus of your research topic.
Here how to do this:

  1. Start with your main idea / topic in the center
  2. Ask related questions about the topic