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Literature Review Information Literacy Session

Article 2 Literature Review

Before reviewing the answers, please complete the activity on your own first. To complete the activity, click on the main tab for Literature Reviews, instead of the drop down.

STEP 2: Literature Reviews 

ACTIVITY 2 Open Article 2 (found on the 1st tab of this Library Guide)

  1. Where is their literature review? How can you tell?
  2. How can you complete this sentence: "Research on this topic can be characterized by -----------------"
    1. Note: I suggest you read the 1st & 2nd page of this article to determine this. You should not have to read further.
    2. After thinking through the above, read the discussion box below.

Article 2 Discussion

In the second article, "A Pilot Study", does the article begin with a literature review or with an introduction?

Unlike the "Reading in Graduate School" article, note that this second article skips a context-driven introduction and launches directly into the literature review, which is several paragraphs, so quite a bit longer than the first article's literature review.

For this article, "Research on this topic can be characterized by: design flaws. Notice, too, that a definition for uncomplicated grief is pulled from the literature. You will not need a definition for anything in the DSM, but other terms critical to your topic might demand an explanation from past studies. How many other ways does this article characterize past literature on this topic?

STEP 3: Topic

STEP 3: Topic

  1. After completing the activities in Step 2, click the tab STEP 3: Topic to continue