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Grad Assistant Training - Chicago Campus: Creating Permanent Links to Articles

Learn about the mission/values of the library, as well as how to create permanent links to articles

Detailed instructions for creating permalinks

When adding documents to a syllabi or to the LMS, please ensure that you complete the Copyright Compliance Training.

Find an article: Screen shots

Here is how to find a journal article when you already have a citation:

Sperry, L. & Carlson, J. (2012). Continuing our global look at individual psychology. Journal of Individual Psychology, 68(4), 309.


1. Go to the Library Catalog on Library Homepage 

2. Click "Journal Titles" in the top banner. Type the title of the journal (not of the article).

click journal title

3. In this case, click "See all versions" to find the one with the correct year range. Not all journals will have this options & might go straight to step 3.



 Click "Available Online".


4. On the next page, find where it states "View Online". Click the hyperlink to go to the journal. Note that each hyperlink might have a different name. There might even be multiple options. The only thing to note is a year range in the hyperlink. Be sure it includes the year of the article you want.


5. The next page will look different for each interface. The screenshot below is simply one example. But regardless of interface, you will be able to select the year, volume, and issue number of publication to retrieve your article in full text. Sometimes you can search for the article title. 


Permalinks in PsycINFO and other OVID databases

OVID calls permalinks Jumpstart URLs.  Select Email Jumpstart, then cut and paste the Jumpstart URL.

Permalinks in EBSCO databases (Academic Search Complete, Criminal Justice Abstracts, SOCIndex, and others)

To reach the permalink in EBSCO databases, click on the title of the article you would like to use. Select Permalink on the right side of the page, cut and paste the link that appears.

Permalinks in ProQuest databases ( ProQuest Psychology Journals, Criminal Justice Periodicals, and others)

ProQuest calls permalinks Document URLs

1. Click on Abstract/Details


2. Scroll down the Indexing details, cut and paste the document url.

Permalinks in SAGE, Elsevier, Taylor & Francis websites

If the site does not provide a permalink, you'll need to find the URL of the article and add the OpenAthens info at the beginning of the link. Below is an example of doing this in Sage, but each journal's site can be a bit different. Email the library if you have any questions!

1. Right click on the PDF of the article you would like to use and select Copy Link Address.

2. Paste that url into your document.

3. Now paste the Adler University proxy url ( )  in front of the SAGE url.