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Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program - Online Modality: Explore Counseling Journals

Resources for students doing research in the CMHC Online Program

An essential skill to have as both a graduate student and as a practitioner is being familiar with the top journal titles in the field.

ACTIVITY: CMHC Journals - Fill In the Gaps

Examine the scope of the recommended journal titles in CMHC to become familiar with the focus and types of articles published in that journal.

ACTIVITY - Select a journal title listed on this Worksheet, find the journal's website, and evaluate the journal using the column headings on the worksheet to guide you.


Does Adler Subscribe To The Journal I Need?

1. To find out, start on the Library website.  

2. On the library Homepage, you will find a search bar with Books, Videos, and Journal Titles tabs. Click the Journal Titles tab and enter the journal title. 

3. If Adler subscribes to the journal, you will see which dates are available in different databases.


4. Select a database.  You can then search by date to find a specific article or search within that publication for articles on a specific topic published in the journal.