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Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program - Online Modality: Understanding Scholarly Literature

Resources for students doing research in the CMHC Online Program

Successful graduate students understand what it means for a journal article to be peer-reviewed.
Complete the short module, Understanding Scholarly Literature, using the QR code with your phone or navigating to this link:
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Understanding Scholarly Literature

Consult the boxes below to learn more about each of these topics:

  • the typical parts of a scholarly research article
  • how to read a scholarly article
  • the purpose and types of literature reviews

Anatomy of a Scholarly Research Article

Click on the image to explore the typical parts of a scholarly article.
Presented by NCSU Libraries

first and last page of a sample research article

How to Read a Scholarly Article

Reading scholarly articles takes time. In this video, listen to three NCSU faculty members share their processes and advice for reading scholarly research articles.
purple screen with the words: How to Read a Scholarly Article

Literature Reviews: An Overview for Graduate Students

White female pondering how to conduct a literature review