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Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program - Online Modality: Staying Current in CMHC

Resources for students doing research in the CMHC Online Program

Search Alerts are a time saver for keeping up to date on what's happening in your field!

Instead of performing the same database search again and again to determine if any new articles have been published on your topic, setting up alerts will get new articles matching your search parameters emailed to you.

Professional Associations are a way to get involved and learn about new trends and scholarship in the field!

Learn more about these in the boxes below

Creating a Search Alert in PsycInfo

Step 1: Create a search in PsycInfo that returns similar results to what you'd like to receive alerts about.

Step 2: Create and Login to your PsycInfo database account. This is different than your Adler login used to access this database--it is a personal account that you create in an individual database in order to save searches and create alerts. To create a Personal Account in PsycInfo, click "My Account" above the blue toolbar and follow the prompts. 

Step 3: On the page that displays your results list, check the box on the line containing your search; then click: Create Auto-alert

database search screen using the concepts Counseling AND Mental Health AND PTSD

Creating a Search Alert in Google Scholar

To create an alert in Google Scholar:

Step 1: Create a search for keywords/concepts that you would like to receive alerts about (TIP: Be specific! The more general your search terms, the larger number of alerts you will receive)

Step 2: On the search results page, click: Create Alert on the bottom left side of the screen

Google Scholar search results for the concepts: counseling AND "mental health equity" AND trauma

Step 3: On the Create Alerts page, verify your information and click: Create Alert

To unsubscribe to alerts, click on the link to cancel the alert at the bottom of every notification email.

Professional Associations

Note: This is a short list of associations, it is not meant to be an exhaustive list.
Check for your state branch of each of the national associations. Ex: Illinois Mental Health Counselors Association (IMHCA)