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Reserves: Books - Library Catalog

Search by book title

If you're assigned to read a book or a chapter, search by book title in the Library Catalog.


If the item is an e-book, you'll see an option "Available Online". Click that to access the e-book.

Note: you do not need to "sign in" using the yellow banner at this point.

Click Available Online


On the next page, click the link under Full text availability:

Click link under full text availability


Depending on the publisher, you might 

  • Have unlimited time to read the book or might have a certain check out period. 
  • Be able to download chapters as pdfs 
  • Be able to download to an e-reader
  • Be able to print. However, usually there is a page limit to how much you may print, which is different with each publisher.

Print books

If the item is a physical book, you'll see the physical location.

In the case of the DSM-5, you have to click "See all versions" to see where it is located since we have it both electronically and physically.

Click see all versions


On the next page, you can see one version is available online and it is also available in Chicago, on Reserves. For more information about each campus' physical reserves, see the tabs above.

NOTE: if the book is physical, you cannot access it by clicking the hyperlink "Chicago campus reserves". You must come into the library.

Distinguish between physical location & available online