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Catalog: Journals & Articles

Find an article at Adler

How do I find full text of an article?

1. On the library homepage or in the library Catalog, click Journal Title & type in journal title.

2. Find the article within the journal's site. See detailed instructions under the box about concepts, below.

NOTE: If you want to search for articles on a particular topic, use a database, not the catalog. 

Find an article: concepts

Many journals publish a new issue several times a year.

  • Each year is a new volume.
  • Each new publication is a specific issue within a volume.

You know this by looking at a citation, which will give the volume, issue, and year. For example:

Sperry, L. & Carlson, J. (2012). Continuing Our Global Look at Individual Psychology. Journal of Individual Psychology, 68(4), 309.

  • Year: 2012 corresponds to the volume 68
  • Issue number is 4.

In a physical library, you could find a print journal issue in the stacks, arranged in order of year (volume) and then issues. It's the same concept online!

Find an article: Simple steps

1. Go to the Library Catalog on Library Homepage. 

2. Click Journal Search in the top banner. Type the title of the journal (not the article).

3. Find the best result and see what versions are available. There might be different options, depending on the journal:

  • "Check holdings": indicates it's available in print at the library
  • "See all versions": indicates there are multiple versions of the journal. Click the link to find the availability
  • "Available Online": indicates it's online. Click that button & see remaining steps.
  • If we do not have the journal, the screen might state "No Records Found". Check your spelling. If we do not have it, you can request the article via ILLiad.

4. On the next page, find where it states "View Online". Click the hyperlink under "Full text availability". This will link you to Adler's subscription with the journal, not directly to the article itself. 

5. This next page will allow you to select the year, volume, and issue of your article. You might be able to search on this page for the article's title, but drilling down can help you see how the journal is organized, and might even provide other related articles in the same issue. Depending on the journal, the interface might look different, but the concept is always the same.


Find an article: Screen shots

Here is how to find a journal article when you already have a citation:

Sperry, L. & Carlson, J. (2012). Continuing our global look at individual psychology. Journal of Individual Psychology, 68(4), 309.


1. Go to the Library Catalog on Library Homepage 

2. Click "Journal Titles" in the top banner. Type the title of the journal (not of the article).

click journal title

3. In this case, click "See all versions" to find the one with the correct year range. Not all journals will have this options & might go straight to step 3.



 Click "Available Online".


4. On the next page, find where it states "View Online". Click the hyperlink to go to the journal. Note that each hyperlink might have a different name. There might even be multiple options. The only thing to note is a year range in the hyperlink. Be sure it includes the year of the article you want.


5. The next page will look different for each interface. The screenshot below is simply one example. But regardless of interface, you will be able to select the year, volume, and issue number of publication to retrieve your article in full text. Sometimes you can search for the article title.