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Adler University Library Policies: E-Resources & Chat

Adler University Library's policies on: borrowing (including fines/fees, recalls & holds), eResources usage, interlibrary loan, course reserves, copyright compliance, donations/gifts

Adler University Library Chat Reference Policy


Alder University Library provides chat reference service during most regular operating hours. Current hours may be found here. When the service is not staffed, library patrons may email (Chicago and Online campuses) or (Vancouver campus) and we will reply to your email when the library reopens.

Staffing and patrons:

This service is staffed by trained library assistants and librarians and is intended primarily to meet the library needs of Adler University students, staff, and faculty.  We are also happy to answer questions from alumni, patrons of other CARLI libraries, and members of the public about our collections.

Appropriate use:

Chat reference is designed to provide patrons with real-time answers to brief questions, guidance on locating specific resources, and general information on Adler University Library collections, locations, hours, and policies.  Patrons with more complex, in-depth questions and research needs will be provided with contact information or scheduling links for the reference librarian on their campus.

Inappropriate use:

Chat reference cannot provide medical, financial, or legal advice.  This service cannot provide information related to grades, transcripts, course registration, Canvas, IT, or other University departments.

The Library may terminate any chat session in which a patron uses rude, inappropriate, or threatening language; repeatedly asks off-topic questions; or in any other way harasses Adler University Library librarians or library assistants.  If inappropriate use of the chat service continues, the patron’s IP address will be blocked.


We use LibraryH3lp software to provide and manage library chat sessions.  This software archives chat messages sent between users and the Library, any materials sent to our patrons during chat sessions, and the IP address that the chat message was sent from in a password-protected portal. We save these records so that we can follow up with questions that need a more detailed response, evaluate usage of the service, and train library assistants. 

The system doesn’t collect your name, email address, or Adler University ID number and we cannot see that information during a chat session.

If you prefer to have the record of your chat deleted, please email and include the date and time of your chat.

Who may use the Library's e-resources?

Current Adler University students, faculty, and staff on all campuses may use Adler University Library electronic resources.  Registered alumni and other approved walk-in users (including I-Share patrons) may access online materials from any of the Libraries' publicly available workstations during Library hours.

Are there restrictions on how I use e-resources?

General information

Databases and other online resources are acquired through annual subscriptions, purchase agreements, and/or site licenses.

Use of licensed electronic resources is governed by both US copyright law and our contractual agreements (e.g., purchase agreements, site licenses) with publishers and/or database vendors. All users, whether remote or in person, must be in compliance with both legal and contractual usage restrictions. The Libraries reserve the right to revoke online access to any patron discovered to be in knowing violation of US copyright law or contractual terms.

Publishers and database vendors may monitor our usage to ensure that license agreements are upheld. Violation of contractual terms may lead a publisher/database vendor to discontinue our access to their content with little or no warning. Some guidelines for remaining in compliance are given below, and Library staff are always happy to talk with patrons who have questions about specific copyright issues or situations.

Guidelines for compliance with database licenses & copyright

All users must limit use of electronic resources to non-commercial, educational, or personal research purposes. In addition, the following rules of thumb for compliance should be kept in mind:

You may: You may not:
Print, download, or quote limited amounts of information, with proper citation) Engage in systematic downloading of database content (i.e., downloading all articles in an e-journal issue or all chapters in an e-book; downloading substantial amounts from a database to create another collection of data)
Email an article to yourself or another current Adler faculty member or student Email an article to someone outside the current Adler community (unless this practice is specifically allowed by a publisher’s license. Ask the Electronic Resources Librarian about which publishers might allow this)
Create a persistent link to an electronic article or ebook chapter Post PDF copies of articles or eBook chapters to websites or servers (this includes LMS)