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Art Therapy - Chicago: Images

Subject guide for the Art Therapy - Chicagodepartment

Image collections

Images and Copyright

Images are protected by copyright, which provides rights to the creators.

  • Fair use: this provides some rights to the users, although the work is copyrighted. It is determined by four factors:
    • Purpose & character of use (eg commercial v educational)
    • Nature of copyrighted work
    • Amount or percentage of the work to be used
    • Effect of the use on the market value for the work
  • Public domain: works which are free for all - copyright does not apply
    • Copyright laws have time limits, after which the works pass into the public domain
    • Creators can opt to have their work be in the public domain (waive their rights to copyright)

Terms of use & license agreements are set by the creators of images & supersede fair use

Creative Commons -  nonprofit organization. Below are some standard license elements CC created

  • Attribution (BY) - You must cite the creator
  • NonCommercial (NC) - You cannot profit by using the work
  • No derivatives (ND) - You cannot make any changes to the work
  • Share alike (SA) - You can make changes, but then you must provide the same license to the new work you created

Citing images

In a paper:

  • Image caption: Figure 1. Author, A.A. (Year). Title of material. [Description of material]. Retrieved from http://www.xxxx
  • In text: (Creator, 1990) or if no creator, use the title: (Title, 1990)
  • Reference list: Creator, C. (Year of production or publication). Title of work [Description, Medium, or other relevant information]. Retrieval information or location of the work.
  • Refer to APA manual for more details

In posters or presentations:

  • A credit statement, rather than a formal citation, is likely sufficient (you can check with your instructor)
  • You will still need to:
    • Credit the creator
    • Provide title & date (if available)
    • Provide Creative Commons license type (if applicable)
    • Link to original work