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RefWorks: Folders

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Folders are a system used to organize your process within RefWorks and Folders & subfolders are easy to create!

Consider creating not only topic based folders, but also folders for your process. Frances uses process folders to keep track of whether she has articles in full text yet, which ones she's read, and which ones she's completed a the note-taking table. She even has a folder called "Not needed" for citations she doesn't think are that relevant, but might come in handy later. Examples of her folders:

  • ILLiad (for those she's requested)
  • Full text (for those already in Full text or after they arrive from ILLiad)
  • Read
  • Notes (already took notes)
  • Not needed

For more information on Frances' process, including her note-taking strategies, see Step 7: Organization on her Literature Review Guide

Folders versus Projects

Unlike folders, e​​​very project is like a completely separate instance of Refworks, which means:

  • Each project will have its own set of references, folders, etc. 
  • When you search references you will only find those particular to the project you have open
  • You cannot easily move references between projects
  • When you use Reference Citation Manager, you can only use the references from within a single project

For more info on Projects, see the FAQ tab.