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Adler University Library Policies: Test Kits

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Vancouver test kits

Psychological Assessment kits and manuals have been purchased by Adler University to assist PsyD. students in becoming trained and proficient in the provision of psychological testing.

First Year PsyD Students

Students in their first year of the Doctor of Psychology program will be able to sign out kits studied in the PsyD 627 Assessment class in order to practice and complete assignments. Scoring software will not be available to students in their first year without Instructor permission. 

Second Year and above PsyD Students

Students who are in their second, third or fourth year of the program and approved for practicum have access to the full assessment library (including scoring software). For more information on what software is available, please see the Accessing Assessment Software document found by the Scoring computer. Please direct your questions about scoring software information to Dr. Johnson Ma, PsyD. Faculty ext. 2493.

As the psychological assessment tests are shared among students in all years, please be aware that priority will be given to assessment courses requiring psychological assessments for the time periods the particular instrument is being taught.  Students on practicum will need to plan their assessments with that in mind.


When picking up assessment kits, students are required and expected to fully check every kit that they sign out, including every page of manuals. You will be held responsible for any damage done to the kit/test/manual while these are in your care.

If a kit is not picked up within an hour of your reservation, and we have not heard from you, your reservation will be cancelled, and the assessments will be made available for reservations to other students.


You must return the kits/tests/manuals at your specified drop-off time/day. If you are unable to make your drop off time, you must alert the library staff or librarian as soon as possible as others may be waiting for the assessment materials. 

Assessment kits/tests/manuals MUST be checked back in by a Library Student Worker or the Librarian. We check to make sure all kit contents are complete, and we sign off on them—this final process ends your reservation/responsibility for that kit.

Please do NOT leave tests at the Front Desk or anywhere in the library.

You are responsible for ensuring all test items included in the kits are returned and in good condition.

Cancelling a Reservation

If you no longer need a kit, and you need to cancel your reservation, you must email the library staff at:

Lost or Damaged Assessment Materials

If you lose an assessment kit or manual, you will be charged the full replacement cost plus a $10 processing fee.

If any assessment materials are damaged to the extent that they are deemed ‘no longer useable’ by the library, the student will be charged 20% of the original cost of the material.

Vancouver students, please contact the campus librarian, Angela Doyle for more information on test kits