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Ebrary - Ebook Library: iOS app

Find ebooks on different subject areas.

iOS App Overview

iOS devices running software version 4.3 or higher

iPhone 3GS, 4, or 4S
iPod touch
iPad 1 or 2

ebrary (bookshelf) account

Required to search for, read, and download e-books in the app
Create one for free by visiting your ebrary site
Option to use Facebook authorization

Adobe ID

Required to download e-books in the app
Find more information about our mobile apps at

iOS App Functionality

•Online and offline reading
•Seamless downloading of full titles – no 3rd party app required
•Simple and advanced search
•Multiple navigation controls
•Table of contents with relevancy rankings
•Early check-in of ebrary e-books
•Copy and paste with automatic citation for offline documents
•User configurable download size warnings
•Import and use PDF documents within the app – not DASH!
•Sign in with Facebook username and password
•Available in English and Spanish

iOS App on the iPad

iOS App Full Title Download