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Ebrary - Ebook Library: Advanced Search

Find ebooks on different subject areas.

Advanced search tips

Advanced searching is available in the ebrary platform. Advanced searching features include:

  • Text and key field
  • Subject
  • Title
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Doc ID (every ebrary document has a unique doc ID number)
  • Dewey Decimal number
  • ISBN
  • LC call number
  • Publication year

As in simple search, search results can be sorted by:

  • Title
  • Contributor
  • Publisher
  • Date

Focus Search option

The Focus Search area allows users to select additional subject headings to narrow and refine their search. The subject headings listed reflect those subject headings that occur most frequently in your original search based on relevancy rank. As you select subject terms in the Focus Search feature, those subject terms are automatically populated in Advanced Search.

When using the Focus Search feature, you may create Boolean searches using the AND and OR Boolean operators.

Subject headings in the ebrary platform are primarily Library of Congress subject headings and BISAC subject headings are also present.

Advanced search

  • Image of: Advanced Search to refine your search by text and key field, subject, title, author, etc.



Focus Search navigation

Image of: Focus Search option to select additional subject headings to narrow and refine their search