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APA PsycInfo (Ovid) - Tutorial: Search Specific Journals

Tips on using PsycINFO, including using the subject headings, narrowing/expanding your search, finding case studies, how to save your searches

How to search by topic within specific journals

To search for a topic across multiple journals, you can use PsycINFO.

Change the search from "keyword" to "journal" and type in the journal title.

Enter journal title


Next, select the appropriate journal title and click "search for selected terms".

Next, select the appropriate journal title and click "search for selected terms".

Repeat the process with other journal titles until you have found all relevant journals. Make sure "journal" is still checked.

Repeat process with other journal titles - remember to change to "journal" search.

Repeat process

You will have a list of several journals in your search history. Combine them using "Or".

Combine journals with Or

Once you have a list of all the journals combined, you might want to save your search history, which will allow you to come back to this specific search later. It will require you to create a free account within PsycINFO. For more information on saving searches iwthin PsycINFO, please visit our Library Guide about PsycINFO.

Click "Save All"

Next, add your specific topic. Here I have searched for "ethics", but you will want to add your paper's topic.

Search by keyword

Next, combine your topic with the combined search of all the journals you're searching within.

Search using AND