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APA PsycInfo (Ovid) - Tutorial: Find full text

Tips on using PsycINFO, including using the subject headings, narrowing/expanding your search, finding case studies, how to save your searches

First - Check the type of resource

How you find the full text will depend on the type of source. All sources in PsycINFO are scholarly, but not all will be peer reviewed articles. You might also find citations for books, book chapters, book reviews, or dissertations. Check the citation to find which type of source it is.

Full text of articles

Journal articles might be available in pdf. If not, click the 360 Link to see if you can find the article through another database, or request the article from ILLiad.


After clicking the 360 Link click the available link.


However, if the resource is a book, use the catalog to search for books in Adler's library, or in I-Share. The link to check for full text will have a link to check the catalog directly.

See the link below for more information about using the catalog to find books.

If you find a dissertation:

Click the 360 LINK to check for full text. If we do not have access, you can request the dissertiation via ILLiad.

Full text of books & dissertations

However, if the resource is a book, book chapter, or dissertation, the 360 Check for Full Text link will always show we do not have that "journal". Since it is not a journal, try using the appropriate links: either "Search I-Share" or "Click here if this is a dissertation".

Requesting articles

For more information on requesting articles and dissertations via ILLiad, see the guide on Interlibrary Loan.