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Faculty, Chicago Campus: Books on Your Syllabi: Reserves

Learn what access to library materials adjuncts have. How to access: journal articles, books, videos, your library account. What services the library provides to adjuncts, and how we can help your students with research.

Books on reserves

Please use the Faculty List tab for best view.



  • Books assigned for classes
  • Reference books (e.g. DSM)


  • Faculty send Maria Fritz the list of books each semester.
  • Library uses the list to add books to reserves


  • Physical books rotate each semester


  • Ebooks purchased when possible
  • Physical books arranged alphabetically by title, checked out two (2) hours at a time. $40 in fines for any reserve books returned after the library closes


Course books on reserves

Why is my book not on reserves?

  • We place books on reserve based on the list you send to the bookstore. Reserves are rotated each semester so we do need the updates each semester.
  • If a patron already had the book checked out, we do recall the book if it is needed for reserves, but cannot guarantee how quickly a patron will return the book.
  • If the library does not already own the book, we will try to order it. We cannot guarantee how quickly it will arrive.
  • If the book is out of print, we cannot order it.
  • If the book is an undergraduate textbook, it is against our policy to order it.

My book is not on reserves - what can I do?

  • If a book was not included in the list you sent to the bookstore, please email the library directly by at least a week before classes start, & let us know which books you will be teaching.
  • Add your personal copy of a book to reserves. Simply write your name in the book and bring it to the library. We will temporarily add it to reserves (your book will not be permanently marked in any way), and we will regulate its use as do with the library books. Please collect your book(s) at any time before the semester ends.

Library catalog

Proxy: TAs checking out materials for faculty

If faculty would like a student TA or RA to be able to pick up materials on your behalf, the faculty member will need to let the library know you grant permission. Stop by, email, or call us to let us know your name and the name of your student TA or RA. We will add them to the faculty member's library account so that they will be able to serve as proxy when checking out library materials.