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Adler University Library Archives: Policies

Visiting the Archives

Adler University students, faculty, and staff as well as outside researchers and members of the community can access the archives by appointment during regular Library hours, though requests from Adler University students and faculty have priority. Please contact Ariel Orlov at to make an appointment.

Collection Scope

The Harold and Birdie Mosak Library Archives was established to gather and preserve primary and secondary sources relating to:

  • Alfred Adler
  • Individual Psychology
  • Rudolf Dreikurs
  • Adler University, including both institutional materials and the works of:
    • Faculty & Staff
    • Students
    • Alumni

Materials within the Archives include:

  • Documents: correspondence, manuscripts, papers, flyers, brochures
  • Institutional Records: promotional materials, meeting minutes, handbooks, newsletters, catalogs
  • Audiovisual Materials: cassette tapes, CDs, VHS tapes, and DVDs of lectures, classes, and events
  • Theses and Dissertations of Adler students
  • Photographs
  • Academic Journals
  • Rare Books

The  Archives is projected to remain focused in the areas noted above. Collection size will be limited by both this scope and the amount of physical space available to house and protect the collections, which at present is limited.

Accession Policy

The Archives welcomes gifts and donations of relevant works that fall within the collection scope, support the teaching, research, and service missions of the University, and are not duplicated in the collection. All materials should be in good condition whenever possible, meaning clean, odor free, and with pages that are not stained, discolored, or defaced with markings. In addition to condition, the Library considers the following in assessing potential gift items:

  • scholarly or historical value
  • relation to academic programs
  • faculty research interests
  • the nature of the individual's or organization's relationship to the University    

Donated material becomes the property of the Adler University Library, which reserves the right to determine retention, cataloging treatment, location, and terms of use for all material accepted. Materials offered as gifts are accepted with the understanding that they will be evaluated on the basis of criteria set forth for selection and only those meeting these standards will be added to the collection. Donated collections are most likely be accepted when the donor has an understanding of the archive’s mission, the current contents of the archives, and something about the donated materials and who may have need of them. If the material is not needed, it may be disposed of or otherwise dispensed with at the discretion of the librarian. Special collections will not be accepted with restrictions necessitating special housing or that the collection be closed to the public in perpetuity. Exceptions to these policies may be made at the discretion of the Director of Library Services.

Potential donors are asked to prepare an itemized list of materials they wish to donate including title, author, publisher, and year of publication (if known) for Adler University to use in determining which items will be considered. Donors must make all arrangements for transporting and delivering their gifts to the Archives. Adler University cannot pay freight or shipping costs for any gifts. The Adler University Library is not currently in a position to provide compensation for any materials acquired for the archives. Donors who wish to have a donation appraised for tax purposes must make provisions for such an evaluation prior to delivery. Adler University will issue a thank you letter and an enumeration of titles donated after delivery. For more information on donation, please contact the Library at

Using Archival Material

Material in the archives may only be used within the Library and cannot be checked out or removed from the Library. Excluded from this rule are theses and dissertations, which may be checked out by students and faculty for up to two weeks.

Use of all audio and VHS tapes will be handled on a case-by-case basis depending on condition and format.  Many VHS tapes will need to be converted to DVDs before being used due to rarity and condition.

Photocopies and Scanning

Physical condition and restrictions on the use of certain material may affect the ability to reproduce material through photography, scanning, photocopying, or other means of reproduction. Adler University will not copy an original item that is deemed too fragile to survive the handling required for copying, or any item in which copying will likely produce further deterioration. If an item is in good condition, it may be photographed, scanned, or copied for academic purposes. Condition determinations and all reproductions will be made by Library staff. The Library reserves the right to charge a small fee for copies. 


Some collections may contain personal information protected by various state and federal regulations. Access to these items is restricted. Should you come across any personal information within the archival collections, please inform library staff and refrain from sharing this information with others. The use of such information for publication or any other public usage is prohibited.