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Counselling Art Therapy - Vancouver: Inter-Library Loans

What is an inter-library loan?

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a way of borrowing materials that Adler does not own from other cooperating libraries worldwide.

ILLiad (Interlibrary Loan internet accessible database) is the system used by students and faculty regardless of location to request articles, book chapters, reports, conference papers, and other electronically delivered materials.  

You can find information about creating an ILLiad account here.

Place a request from a database

Place a request from a database:

If you find a citation through a database that we don't have in full text, it's easy to request through ILLiad. Just follow these steps.

If there is no PDF nor a link to Full Text, note what type of resource you found.

Since this citation is for a journal, you can click the "360 Link: Check for Full Text." Make sure you have pop ups allowed. This will take you into the Catalog to search for the specific citation. Please wait a full minute for the page to load, as the links to access online can take a bit to load.

Here is what you'll see:

Note, there are no links to full-text availability but there is a link to "Request item." 

Clicking on the link will take you to the ILLiad login screen. 

When you log in, an order form should populate with the citation information. Check to see that all asterisked fields have information in them, then click on "Submit Request."

Check your email!

We will often correspond with you via email about your articles. Please check for these emails & read them, even if they look like templates. Here's what you might expect & how to respond for various emails:

  • Your article arrives!
    • Click the link to access you article (see box to the left
  • The article is not in English & you have not specified that you want articles that are not in English
    • If you still want the article, respond to the email to let us know that you want the article - we'll get it for you
    • If you don't want the article, we'll cancel the request after 7 days.
  • We have exceeded our copyright limit on the number of articles we can receive from a particular journal for the year
    • If you truly need the article for your research, respond to the email & let us know you need the article - we'll pay for it for you
    • If you do not need the article, we'll cancel the request after 7 days.

Receiving requested material

Electronic Delivery:

Articles, book chapters, and other non-returnable items are delivered electronically to your ILLiad account or a PDF is sent via email.

Items may take up to 5 business days to process, although sometimes can arrive within a matter of hours.

They are only stored for 30 days so please download and save materials soon as they arrive.

To view or download material:

Log into Illiad and click on the  “Electronically Received Article” link under “View” on the left sidebar.

Once the Electronically Received Articles box opens, choose the request from that you want to view.

Click “View” icon to access the full text article. Please download the article and save it.

Please note: To open items delivered electronically you will need Adobe Acrobat.  This software can be downloaded for free at the link below:


Request articles, book chapters, and dissertations

If you're not in a database, but have a citation, first check if Adler has access to the full text. Follow the steps in the link below.


If, after you follow the steps above, you still can't find the full text, you can make a request directly through ILLiad.

Please note: Adler does not request books through ILLiad. The only physical items we request through ILLiad are dissertations, on our Chicago campus. All other requests are delivered electronically, as PDFs. To request books, please see the tabs on this guide about book requests, depending on your campus.

Place a request in ILLiad:

Log in here: ILLiad

When you've successfully logged in, you will see this page.

From here, you can place new requests and see the status of requests you've already placed.

In the left column menu, below "New Request," click on the "Article", "Book Chapter" or "Dissertation" link depending on which type of resource you would like to order.

The following form will appear. Please note: every field with an asterisk (*) is required. 

Click on "Submit Request".


Canceled requests

You may get an email letting you know that your request has been canceled.  These are the reasons for canceled requests:

  • Adler has access to the full text.
  • We do not request books. To request books, see the tabs about book requests, depending on your campus, on this guide.
  • We are unable to verify your citation (incomplete or incorrect citation in the request form)
  • We are unable to borrow a dissertation you have requested (We could not find a lending library that can lend us the dissertation/ thesis)
  • No lending library (we could not find any lending library that owns the item)
  • We could not fill the request before the deadline you have indicated.
  • Duplicate Request (We have another request from you for the same item)
  • We are unable to borrow a dissertation for Vancouver campus patrons
  • We have exceeded our copyright limit for total requests for this year
  • The article is not in English. (the language preference you have selected in ILLiad is English)
  • It's a new item, not available for borrowing currently.

Resubmitting canceled requests

You may resubmit the request if the reason for the cancelation was: 

  • Need by Date Expired: Your request was canceled because we were unable to fill before your deadline and it expired in the system. If you still need it, you can resubmit the request with a new “Needed by Date”
  • Incomplete Citation: Request can be resubmitted by editing the citation. Please check the source of citation and fill up the required fields and resubmit the request. If you need assistance with finding the complete citation, please contact us via email or phone.

To resubmit the canceled request for the reasons listed above, please follow the steps given below.

  1. Log into your Illiad account and find “View” category on the left sidebar. 
  2. Now click on “All Requests”, it will open request history.
  3. Look for the canceled requests in the Status column. To open a canceled requests, click on the blue Transaction number.
  4. Click on Resubmit Request button. You can also resubmit the request by clicking on “Clone Request”. Both options will autofill the request form. But “Cloning Request” will resubmit your request with a new Transaction number.