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RefWorks: FAQs

RefWorks User Guide

RefWorks User Guide

This is a guide that can answer any further questions!

FAQs about Refworks

What is RefWorks?

RefWorks is a citation tool, provided by the library, that can also double as an organization tool for research and projects. RefWorks can create bibliographies, in-text citations, folders and projects to store and keep track of references. It is already linked with the databases and catalog entries allowing for seamless exporting of material directly to RefWorks. It is an intuitive platform for students and professors to keep track of class material and research.

What if I have issues with my username/password?

Your username is always your Adler email.

You need to create an account so your password might be different from your LMS/email login. We cannot reset it for you, but you can click Forgot Your Password on the login page.


What are Projects?

  • Every RefWorks account starts with an Untitled Project. 
  • Every project is like a completely separate instance of Refworks, which means:
    • Each project will have its own set of references, folders, etc. 
    • When you search references you will only find those particular to the project you have open
    • You cannot easily move references between projects
    • When you use Reference Citation Manager, you can only use the references from within a single project
  • Everything to do with Projects is managed in the drop down menu next to the project name, this is where you can
    • Select a different project to work on
    • Access the Manage Projects Menu, where you can
      • Create a new project
        • Go to the dropdown arrow next the to project title and select Manage Projects.
        • Within that menu you can select Create New Projects - don't forget to name it!

      • Rename an existing project
        • Clicking the Action drop down menu at the end of the project listing and selecting Rename
      • Delete an existing project
        • Clicking the Actions drop down menu at the of the Project listing and select Delete

What is Legacy RefWorks?

Adler currently supports two versions of RefWorks

Legacy RefWorks (for users that signed up before Fall 2018). The orange interface is the Legacy account. You may create a Proquest account and move your citations, but at this time we are still supporting Legacy.

Proquest RefWorks (for users that signed up Fall 2018 and later). The blue interface is the Proquest account.
NOTE: You cannot sign up for a Proquest account during an export. You must create an account BEFORE attempting to export citations.