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Citation Chasing Research Strategy

How to use Citation Chasing as a key strategy for finding scholarly literature on a topic

Step 2: Sync Your Google Scholar Settings With Adler Library

Google Scholar allows you to link your Scholar search results to resources available to you through Adler Library.
From Google Scholar (, follow these easy steps to connect to Adler Library:

      1. Click the menu icon (three lines) on the top left.
         Then select "Settings" > "Library Links"

       2. In the search box type "Adler University"
           Mark all the checkboxes for "Adler University" and click SAVE

1. Click the Menu Icon (three lines) > Select, "Settings" > Select, "Library Links"


Screenshot of Google Scholar settings     






2. In the Search Box Type "Adler University" > Mark all the Checkboxes for "Adler University" and click SAVE

Screenshot showing the setting to link to Adler University