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Citation Chasing Research Strategy

How to use Citation Chasing as a key strategy for finding scholarly literature on a topic

Step 3: Follow the Citation Trail Forward With Google Scholar

Forward citation chasing means looking at the sources which cited your article-in-hand (e.g. Miller, 2009)--sources published after your starting point. It's a way of seeing how the ideas have been used to further the scholarly conversation.
Illustration showing how recent scholars cite previous studies in their articles

Use Google Scholar for Forward Citation Chasing

  1. Search for your article-in-hand (e.g. Miller, 2009) in Google Scholar (
  2. In a small link under the description of the article, Google scholar says how many times it has be "Cited by" in other works. Miller's article has been cited by 156 researchers.
  3. Clicking on the "Cited By" link leads to the citations for those works--all of which used the article-in-hand somewhere in their argument.

Remember, Google Scholar does NOT evaluate scholarly works, so be aware that sources that come up may require critical evaluation.
Screenshot of a Google Scholar search which shows the Cited By feature in a sample article