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Online Course Design and the Library

BEST Practice for Linking to Library Materials in Canvas

Permalinks are unique, stable, and persistent URLs that give students direct access to library resources both on- and off-campus. 
Note: the permalink for an individual item is NOT the URL in the browser address bar. Permalinks can be found within the library item.


How to Find Permalinks to Library Ebooks

The most convenient way to link to an ebook is using the library catalog's permalink for the item.
These permalinks will take the student to the library catalog record, and they can click through to find the ebook.
The box below shows how to link to an item in the library catalog.

Linking to an Ebook in the Library Catalog

If your course links to an ebook or chapter in an ebook at Adler Library, here's how to search in the library catalog for the permalink to the material:

  1. On the library homepage,, use the white search box (Library Catalog) to type in the title of the book
  2. Click the book title on the results list.
    Note: If the library has both print and ebook versions of the title, the ebook option will be labeled, "Available Online"

Below the book title information, locate the words "available online" in green font

  1. In the "Citation Tools" section, locate the PERMALINK icon--click and copy the permalink to paste in your Canvas course shell.

permalink icon resembles a chain link

REMEMBER: This permalink will direct students back to the item in the library catalog and they will need to click through to find the assigned reading(s) in that ebook.