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Industrial & Organizational Psychology Doctorate DIOP - Online: Best Journal Databases for Organizational Psychology Topics

Tips For Journal Database Searching

It is important to search in more than one database in order to understand how scholars are talking about a research topic!

  1. Know what Database you are searching and what types of materials it contains. For example, Academic Search Complete contains articles from journals in many different disciplines (multli-disciplinary); Compared to Business Source Elite, which contains only journals in the business/management/accounting fields (subject-specific).
  2. Used the Advanced Search feature and chunk individual aspects of your topic in separate boxes, using the connectors AND / OR
  3. Limit results to Peer-Reviewed
  4. Remember: If Adler Library does not subscribe to a journal article you need, don't an ILLIAD request and we will find a copy at another library for you for free.

Start Your Search in a Multi-Disciplinary Database

Next Search in a Psychology Database

Emerald Insight Database Online

The database Emerald Insight is on the internet, but you can use it to search for article citations on your topic found in premium organizational management journals.

After you have the citation to an article that you would like to read, follow the steps to:

  1. Search for the journal title at Adler Library
  2. If the journal is not available at Adler, place an ILLIAD request

Additional Subject-Specific Journal Databases

Depending on your topic, you may want to explore how scholars in related fields such as business, education, sociology, etc. are talking about your topic.