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Grad Assistant Training - Chicago Campus: Articles on Your Syllabi

Learn about the mission/values of the library, as well as how to create permanent links to articles

Steps to assigning articles on your syllabus

1. Check if Adler Library has access to your article. Use the Journals and Ebooks link from the library homepage ( to see if Adler subscribes to the journal for the year the article was published. For instructions, see the link below.

2. If Adler has full text, you might want to include a Permalink in your syllabus for your students. Some faculty prefer to have students learn to navigate the library themselves and do not include links. However, if you choose include a link, you must use the permalink and not the url that appears in your browser window.  Using the link in the URL box will not work. To learn how to create Permalinks, see the link below.

If Adler Library has full text, this is all you have to do. If we do not have full text, please follow the remaining steps.

3. If Adler Library does not have full text, but you have a copy, you may bring your copy of the article to the library. We will put the article on reserves for a two (2) hour check out for the semester. You can pick up the article at the end of the semester (or let us know that we can recycle it at the end of the semester).

4. If neither Adler Library nor you have full text of the article, you can check RightFind Academic from the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC). Adler Library holds an Annual Copyright License from CCC, which allows you to provide copies of many journal articles to your students. However, not all journals are covered, so you do need to check. Using the link below, search by ISSN (or journal title).

On the following screen, you will see if digital sharing and/or photocopy sharing are allowed. Be sure to read the TERMS by clicking the link to see under what conditions sharing the article is acceptable.


If you have any questions about copyright, please check with the library.

Find relevant articles

If you don't have a specific article in mind, you can search our databases. For help navigating PsycINFO or any of our EBSCOhost databases, use the links below, or schedule one-on-one reference appointment with a student coach or with Frances Brady.

Requesting articles through ILLiad

NOTE: Due to copyright restrictions, we cannot request the same article from interlibrary loan multiple times, even for different patrons. Therefore, it is essential to check if Adler Library has the article in full text, and to follow the steps in the box to the left, if not. Otherwise, your students will not be able to complete assigned readings.

If you do need to request an article through ILLiad for your class, use the link below to learn more about using ILLiad.