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Faculty, Vancouver Campus: Articles on Your Syllabi

Find an article: Screen shots

Here is how to find a journal article when you already have a citation:

Sperry, L. & Carlson, J. (2012). Continuing our global look at individual psychology. Journal of Individual Psychology, 68(4), 309.


1. Go to the Library Catalog on Library Homepage 

2. Click "Journal Titles" in the top banner. Type the title of the journal (not of the article).

click journal title

3. In this case, click "See all versions" to find the one with the correct year range. Not all journals will have this options & might go straight to step 3.



 Click "Available Online".


4. On the next page, find where it states "View Online". Click the hyperlink to go to the journal. Note that each hyperlink might have a different name. There might even be multiple options. The only thing to note is a year range in the hyperlink. Be sure it includes the year of the article you want.


5. The next page will look different for each interface. The screenshot below is simply one example. But regardless of interface, you will be able to select the year, volume, and issue number of publication to retrieve your article in full text. Sometimes you can search for the article title. 


Finding an article on a specific topic

To search for articles based on a particular subject or topic, start with our databases.

From the Library website, select "Databases".

This page provides an alphabetical list of all our databases. We do not have a single search feature, so it is important to learn which databases are best for a particular topic. Since we do not have a search aggregator, it is possible that you will find the citation for an article in one database, but the full text for the article will be only available through a different database. Therefore, it's best not to limit to full text. In order to find a specific citation, see the box below.

The Research Process guide provides more information about choosing a database.

Find relevant articles

If you don't have a specific article in mind, you can search our databases. For help navigating APA PsycINFO or any of our EBSCOhost databases, use the links below, or schedule an appointment with Lauren Lacey, for one-on-one reference guidance.

Requesting articles through ILLiad

NOTE: Due to copyright restrictions, we cannot request the same article from interlibrary loan multiple times, even for different patrons. Therefore, it is essential to check if Adler Library has the article in full text, and to follow the steps in the box to the left, if not. Otherwise, your students will not be able to complete assigned readings.

If you do need to request an article through ILLiad for your class, use the link below to learn more about using ILLiad.

Print Books Owned by Adler and Print and E-Resources Not Owned by Adler: Check Copyright Clearance Center

This includes:

  • Books and articles received through interlibrary loan
  • Personal copies of materials owned by Adler staff or faculty that are not also owned by Adler University Library
  • Print books owned by Adler University Library that will be scanned and used online for a course

Copyright Clearance Center's RightFind Academic:

Adler University has an Annual Academic License with Copyright Clearance Center's RightFind that provides us with usage rights for some books and periodicals. 

  • Search RightFind Academic to determine usage rights for materials we don't own or for print books at Adler. This includes articles received through interlibrary loan.
  • RightFind Academic may also cover the creation of PDFs of website articles for some publications.
  • To search for a title use the search box at RightFind Academic. If you are off-campus, you will be prompted to login with your Adler username and password.

You can search for publications in several different ways:

  1. Enter the Publication Title or Standard Number (ISBN/ISSN) of the publication you wish to use.
  2. Search for keywords to surface results related to your topic of choice.
  3. Use the advanced search functionality to peruse titles by author, publisher, and more.

When you search for a title, Annual Copyright License coverage is shown to the right of the search results:

This means the type of use selected is covered under our Annual Copyright License.

Clicking on View more uses will open a page with further explanation about those types of uses.


This means the type of use selected includes special terms from the copyright holder.  To view the special terms associated with the publication, simply click the "TERMS" link.


This means the type of use selected is not covered under our Annual Copyright License.


Additional Search Tips:

  • Searching by Standard Number (ISBN/ISSN) is the easiest way to get an exact match for the publication you are looking for.
  • Searches are not case sensitive.
  • To see a complete list of search tips click on the Search Tips link below the search bar on RightFind Academic.